Author and victim of two deadbeat moms, Naomi Brunner, teams with noted psychologist and addiction expert, Dr. Simon Casey  to present the stories and analysis of deadbeat moms in this the first book to take on a subject of growing proportion.

Who are these women and how do they get away with such disturbing behavior?

The stories in “Deadbeat Moms”, the book, are very real and cry out to readers and society as a whole to take notice and step in to make a difference. The children of deadbeat moms suffer and these children need to be protected.

“Deadbeat Moms” includes:

Moms who are responsible for paying child support but do not do so – and (unlike deadbeat dads) are not brought to justice.

Moms who leave Young children alone for days because they are out partying, drinking and/or addicted to drugs.

Moms who do not react or respond when their child is in trouble.

Moms who exploit their children through prostitution or in other ways.

Moms who use children to make money through the foster care system or through some means of fraud.

Brunner and Dr. Casey present their stories and discuss them in this timely book.